10. Luísa Costa Gomes - Workshop: "PRINCÍPIOS/BEGINNINGS"

The workshop will focus on short stories and their openings. How do we start short stories? How do we create strong openings? How may that affect the remaining of the narrative? We will look at examples and share ideas in order to address these questions.

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LUÍSA COSTA GOMES born June 1954 in Lisbon. Graduated in Philosophy in 1976. Writes short stories, novels, plays, film scripts. Published 8 novels, 7 collections of short stories, 2 librettos; wrote 12 plays, most of them staged in Lisbon and Oporto. Edited and directed Ficções, a short story magazine, for ten years (2000-2010). Currently resident playwright and dramatist at Teatro do Bairro in Lisbon.