9. Robin Mclean - Workshop: "Silk Gowns and Cowboy Hats."


 I think we write as we dress, kind of, with a particular style that we barely think about; but sometimes our style limits us. We need some other way to express what we want to say. In this workshop,we will be subversive. Using a variety of craft exercises, we will attempt to turn our usual writing style upside down, find ourselves constructing lines we did not know we could write. With these new tools, I hope participants go away from the workshop, comfortable with new ways into our work, and techniques to stimulate and open our short prose beyond our tried and true and normal approaches.

robin mclean

Robin McLean was a lawyer and then a potter for 15 years in the woods of Alaska before receiving her MFA at UMass Amherst in Massachusetts. Her first short story collection Reptile House won the BOA Editions Fiction Prize, was published in 2015 and was named as one of the best books of 2015 in The Paris Review. A figure skater first—having learned to skate and walk at the same time—she believes that crashing on ice prepared her for writing fiction. Besides writing, her careers and interests have been diverse: pushcart hotdog sales, lawyer and mediator, potter and tile maker, political activist, union organizer, sculptor, haunted corn maze manager as well as zombie trainer. She taught at Clark University and is now writing full time. She lives in New England and the high plains desert of central Nevada.