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goncalo tavares

Gonçalo M. Tavares was born in Luanda in 1970 and grew up in Portugal. Besides working as a writer, he also teaches Theory of Science at a university in Lisbon. Tavares has published widely since 2001 to public acclaim. Tavares’ literary production, translated and published in more than fourty countries, comprises novels, theatre, short stories, essays and poetry. His book Jerusalém was awarded both José Saramago Prize for young writers under 35 (2005) and Prémio Portugal Telecom de Literatura em Língua Portuguesa (2007). His novel Aprender a Rezar na Era da Técnica received the prestigious Prize of the Best Foreign Book 2010 in France, and was shortlisted for the French literary awards Femina Étranger Prize and MédicisPrize.  His fiction has received the Literary Prize Vergílio Ferreira 2018.