Valério Romão - Bionote

valerio romao

Valério Romão was born in France, in 1974. He holds a BA in Philosophy from NOVA FCSH, Lisbon. He has written short stories, (O relojoeiro contorcionista, Magma magazine; Facas na Cidade, Construções Portuárias magazine), theatre plays (Posse, performed at Trindade Theatre; A Mala, at CCB/Boxnova), translated literature (V. Woolf, S. Beckett), and has collaborated with several Portuguese artists in defining nuclei of meaning in multidisciplinary plays (Moments of being, with Beatriz Cantinho and Ricardo Jacinto; Peça Veloz Corpo Volátil, with Beatriz Cantinho). He has published three books of short stories, namely Facas (2013), Da Família (2014) and Dez Razões para a Aspirar a Ser Gato (2015); as well as two novels Autismo (2012) and O da Joana (2013), and a play A Mala (2014). Autismo and O da Joana have been translated into French and Italian, respectively.