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Maria Teresa Hortawas born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1937. She is a renowned Portuguese author, literary critic, journalist and a feminist. From the 1960s onwards she collaborated with several reputable Lisbon publications, such as Diário de LisboaRepúblicaO SéculoA CapitalJornal de Letras e Artes. She also edited the magazine Mulheres (Women).

She is most renowned as a poet, a career launched in 1960 with the publication of Espelho Inicial (First Mirror). During this time she also took part in the group Poesia 61, having published Tatuagem (Tatoo).

In 1972, during the fascist Estado Novo regime Maria Teresa Horta together with Maria Isabel Barreno and Maria Velho da Costa wrote a collaborative work entitled Novas Cartas Portuguesas (New Portuguese Letters). The book was deemed an outrage to public morals. The work of “The Three Marias” was banned. A long trial ensued, making worldwide headlines and rendering the writers into feminist icons. In 1974 the regime fell, the charges were dropped and the work appraised for its literary value.

Maria Teresa Horta has always considered herself, first and foremost, a poet. From Espelho Inicial (1960) to Minha Senhora de Mim (1971), Educação Sentimental (1976), Destino (1997), Só de Amor (1999), Les Sorcières/As Feiticeiras (2006), Inquietude (2006), A Dama e o Unicórnio (2013), to Poemas para Leonor (2012), Anunciações (2016) and more recently Poesis (2017), she has published a myriad of poetry works.

The writer has also distinguished herself as a novelist and a short story writer. Ambas as Mãos sobre o Corpo (1970), Ema (1984), A Paixão Segundo Constança H. (1994), As Luzes de Leonor (2011) are examples of novels published by Maria Teresa Horta. Furthermore, in 2014 she published the short story collection Meninas.
Maria Teresa Horta has been awarded several prizes throughout her career. In 2012 she received the Prix D. Diniz da Fundação Casa de Mateus and the Máxima Literature Prize for As Luzes de Leonor. Moreover, in 2014, her literary career was celebrated with the SPA (Portuguese Society of Authors) award “Consagração da Carreira” (Career Award).