Onésimo Teotónio Almeida - Bionote


Onésimo Teotónio Almeida was born in S. Miguel, Azores. He has a PhD in Philosophy from Brown University and is Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. He also teaches interdisciplinary courses in the Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, as well as a course on “Values and Worldviews” in the Wayland Collegium for Liberal Learning, at Brown. He was Department Chair for more than a decade. Author of more than two-dozen books of essays as well as of creative writing, among them Quando os Bobos Uivam (2013) and Onésimo. Português sem Filtro - uma antologia (2011), he has more than a hundred articles scattered in collective books and journals. He is director of Gávea-Brown Publications, and editor of Gávea-Brown. A Bilingual Journal of Portuguese-American Letters and Studies. He is co-editor of Pessoa Plural (a journal dedicated to the study of Fernando Pessoa), as well as of the e-Journal of Portuguese History, all of them published at Brown. He was elected member of the Portuguese Academy of Sciences and of the Academia da Marinha, both of Lisbon. He received a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of Aveiro. Since 1979 he has been the host of a bi-monthly socio-cultural talk show (“Daqui e da Gente”) on the Portuguese Channel, in New Bedford, Massachusetts.