"I would really hope that this would make people see the short story as an important art, not just something you played around with until you got a novel."

- Alice Munro, Nobel Prize for Literature 2013 acceptance

The 15th International Conference on the Short Story in English will take place from June 27-30, 2018 at the University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal with the theme: "Beyond History: The Radiance of the Short Story."


In an age when private lives appear to be ruled by the force of historical events, we are contradictorily challenged by creative achievements that, even if originating in History, develop a self-sustainable energy, a radiance, so to say, that supersedes material circumstances and/or envisages alternatives for them.

The 15th International Conference on the Short Story in English brings writers of many nationalities to Lisbon, a city where the cultures of the world meet and stories of history unravel around every corner. In this scenario, fiction writers in English, or authors who have been translated into English, together with scholars of the short story, will join in reading sessions, roundtable discussions and panels, as well as in the more traditional paper presentation sessions.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the Society for the Study of the Short Story, the Conference looks forward to the opportunity of highlighting the variety of ways in which the Short Story becomes a specific form, blurs the boundaries with other literary forms, goes beyond the written medium and borrows from other artistic processes/languages, shaping itself anew in an endless process. Indeed, proving to be an extremely resilient medium, the Short Story has been changing throughout the times and aesthetic tendencies, without losing the kernel that makes it a distinctive mode of the human expressive genius.

Workshops will be offered on June 26th, the day before the opening of the Conference.


Conference Directors:
Maurice Lee, University of Central Arkansas / Hendrix College
Teresa Cid, University of Lisbon, School of Arts and Humanities / ULICES


Program Director: Teresa F. A. Alves
Assistant Program Director: Patrícia Lobo




Society for the Study of the Short Story


Society for the Study of the Short Story

University of Lisbon Center for English Studies




Organizing Committee

Teresa F. A. Alves (American Studies | The Literatures and Interarts Dialogue in Contemporary American Culture)
Ana Aguilar Franco (Portuguese-American Literature | American Literature 19th Century)
Ana Raquel Fernandes (Contemporary British Literature and Culture | Women's Writing: Contemporary Portuguese and British Short Fiction)
Bernardo Palmeirim (Literary Theory | Poetry, Short Stories | Music)
Cecilia Beecher Martins (American Studies | Narrative Medicine |ESP | Film Studies)
Diana V. Almeida (American Art | Visual Culture | Gender Studie | Academic and Creative Writing)
Edgardo Medeiros Silva (American History & Politics 19th Century)
Margarida Vale de Gato (US Literature - 19th Century | Portuguese-American Literature | Literary Translation and Reception Studies)
Eduarda Melo Cabrita (Translation Studies | ESP and EFL)
Isabel Ferro Mealha (Translation Studies | ESP and EFL)
Maria Luísa Falcão (Translation Studies | C.S. Lewis and Theology)
Maria Teresa Casal (Irish Studies | Health Humanities)
Patrícia Lobo (Chicano Studies | Foreign Language Education)
Rute Beirante (American Literature -19th Century)



Mariana Pacheco Loureiro




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The Society for the Study of the Short Story in English

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